Arduino Bluetooth Remote Control

Project Info


Using a remote control to activate a car, moving it back and forth, headlighting ON and OFF in the corner of the room by a baby seems to be very exciting for a company manager.  This is what a toy company manager requested us to do. 


But this request had a challenge, i.e., the price. The company had asked for the production cost to be no more than 20 dollars for this project.
Furthermore, the manager had asked for monitoring the car`s battery voltage and the light intensity of the room.


It was decided to use Arduino and Bluetooth to design a very simple toy remote control for a car equipped with a DC motor, two LEDS as headlights, right and left blinker, two red LEDs as the stoplights, and a buzzer. The remote should have been as simple as possible to allow a kid to easily control the car through the remote control unit.

After the design was finished, a prototype was made to demonstrate the functionalities of the design in the real world.

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Results and Impacts:
It can be seen that it is a piece of cake to design a remote control of your own with various applications which cost you less than 20$.
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May 23, 2017
Electrical and Electronic Engineering