Our extensive design in HVAC, refrigeration, heat transfer, plumbing, and water treatment provide our customers with highly standard designs compliant with international standards and safety regulations. Our engineers’ skill and knowledge of national standards for many countries have made them capable of handling every HVAC request at a domestic and industrial level. Our service is flexible to make sure that our customers feel the full benefit of applying to us.



We have extensive experiences in heat and cool load calculation, designing heating and cooling units, duct sizing and designing, air conditioning, ventilation system in industrial area, designing domestic heating and cooling system, and designing evaporative coolers.

Heat transfer:

Our company has talented engineers who are able to prepare authentic calculation reports such as heat sink calculations, R & U values, etc.

Building electrical circuit:

Our services in this field contain designing building electrical circuit with the control system, Light calculation, and Light design.


We are able to design domestic refrigeration systems such as refrigerators, freezer dryers, and freezers in addition to designing walk-in systems and frigidity tunnels.


Our plumbing services include piping and plumbing designs for Potable water and Waste water in both Consultation and Calculation services.

Water treatment:

We can provide you designs for the domestic and industrial refinery, water disinfects and illuviation.

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